Supported Living

Young People Supported Living
Young People Supported Living

What does supported living mean?

Supported living is used to describe the arrangement whereby someone  wants their own tenancy , and also needs  support from Sima Perfect Care to help them live as independently and safely as possible. They will receive support and help with any aspects that are required to live an ordinary life as possible, this could be help with:

  • Managing bills and money
  • Cooking and healthy eating
  • Getting a job
  • Shopping
  • Learning new skills for independence
  • Personal care and well-being
  • Managing medication
  • Accessing employment, sports and social activities


Who decides what support is needed?

The support that an individual needs is decided and planned with them directly and their family if they are involved. Usually an assessment is completed by a Care Manager or Social Worker and then the person is introduced to a provider who can support them if they so choose.

Some people decide to take what is called a “Personal Independence Payment or Direct Payment” and find someone themselves to employ directly – with this comes responsibility for all aspects of the employees well-being and working arrangements that the local council can advise upon.

If the individual chooses to have a support provider such as Sima Perfect Care then they will be introduced and matched to their support staff to ensure compatibility. The council will then pay the support provider direct and will monitor closely the service that the individual is receiving.

The support can be offered on a 24/7 full time basis with someone either sleeping at the persons home or staying awake overnight if that type of care is required.

Sima Perfect Care can tailor a package that meets your needs . Please contact us for further information.